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Solo Night Mission - Bolton Valley

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Went out for a post-work skin and ski on Thursday (12-05-2019). Shockingly, Bolton Valley already has the night lift access running, pretty sure it was just the from mid-mountain down. I decided to skip the lift option to earn my turns.

A bunch of people were out on the hill, had a least a dozen people ski down while I was on the way up and another half dozen at the top of the Wilderness chair when I got there. The skin track was pretty much a highway, which was really nice considering it was my first time skinning up Bolton.

It was calm on the lower half and then it got a bit windy up high. About 3" of fresh snow from some daytime flurries and coverage was really good considering it's so early in the season, still a few streams beds leaving some gaps in the trail, so definitely need to look out for those.

Couldn't really get any good photos because it was so windy and nighttime isn't the best for taking photos (shocker, I know).

Above the lights and lift access

It was a quick trip, about an hour for the first time going and not knowing where to go doesn't seem too bad.

Definitely going to be making this midweek hike and ski thing a theme through the winter.

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