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Spring 2021 Catch Up

It's been a minute since I've posted here, I've heard a few of my readers were wondering what was going on - honestly, had a lot going on the past few months and just needed a break. But, I'm back now!

So, quick catch up on the past few months since the last post on fly fishing the Yakima.

Snow pack was unstable for most of the spring, highways were closed in parts of February and March due to high avalanche danger in the mountain passes so not much skiing was done during that time. Planning to head down to Mount Hood for some glacier skiing and possibly scouting out the Muir Snowfields on Mount Rainier for a future trip. I did make it out a few times in April in Snoqualmie Pass and had some nice corn to tour and ski, some really great days there. Mountain biking has been in full swing since early March and I have already taken a few good spills on the trails. Pretty sure I bruised a rib at some point...but hey, that'll happen. Most recently rode out at Capitol State Forest on the clay, in the rain, and had a great time riding with old and new friends. And, I switched jobs (intra-company transfer) somewhere in the past few months and that's going well.

Also, went to I said, I've been busy. My Dad wanted to do a spring bear hunt, and there was no way I was missing an opportunity to go to AK, so I was up there for five days with him, exploring The Last Frontier. More on that trip in an upcoming post, which will probably be up over the weekend. Subscribe to stay in the loop on that post and on future posts!

Going to keep this post short and end it with a few photos from the past couple of months.

Afternoon clouds rolling in at Crystal

One of the April days spent touring out in Snoqualmie Pass

Clear mornings spent on top of Crystal Mountain do not suck; looking southwest at Mount Rainier

First time mountain biking on the east side of Cascades; rode the "Rat Pack" in Roslyn

Post MTB ski tour at Alpental, a lot of snow for mid-May, and Mount Rainier in the distance

View to the north, Mount Baker in the distance

Another one of Mount Rainier, only so many clear days a year to get these types of photos

And lastly, a friendly reminder from my skis, always making sure I know when I am not skiing

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