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Magic Mountain VT, USA - Where Skiing Still Has Its Soul

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

The mottos are "Take The Road Less Travelled" and "Where Skiing Still Has Its Soul".

Located in southern Vermont, Magic has to compete with Bromley, Stratton, Mount Snow, Okemo, and Killington for their spot in the tourist ski industry that keeps Vermont going. They might not have a huge base lodge, several hotels and restaurants, or even a gondola, but what they do have is their own style and you'll want to come back for more after each visit.

They have a classic fixed grip double chair, the Red Line double, that'll take you to the top, and new this year they will have a fixed grip quad chair (replacing their old Black Line triple) that'll ease the lines on the ole double.

Red Line double patiently waiting for ski season

They don't groom a whole lot either. I know the groomer personally and he's committed to keeping the mountain in great condition, but if it snows he'll make sure there are a couple green runs to get you to the bottom but other than that, you're on your own. "Au naturel" as we like to say. They don't blow a whole lot of snow either, so mother nature is a factor all year long. With this, the pass deals are incredible. They offer the widest variety of options to get you out there as much as possible. Great options for locals and families. Their uphill policy is also bar-none. When you get to the top on your own power, you get a token for a free lift ride. Yeah, that's right. You put the work in, they reward you. That's good for any day of the ski season.

Magic is that throwback resort. So, grab some straight skis, a neon onesie, and go take some jump turns on Magician. You won't regret it.

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