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Cady Hill Party Laps - Flo

Stowe is home to Cady Hill and the Florence trail, arguably the most thoroughly crafted trails in the local network, solely built for flow and speed. Early season laps let you experience the craftsmanship of the table tops, step ups, and berms without the late season wear and tear that all trails have. The time the trail builders put in to make the trail as fun as possible is greatly appreciated by all riders who make it up to Cady Hill.

Once again, we had a good crew out there so we stopped to take some photos at one of the step ups. Conditions were at their finest and we took advantage. Made the most my dinosaur iPhone 6s camera to get a few shots of the step up.

Mid ride beer break, much needed

Transition looking fresh

Mark working on his table top

Travis throwing a little whip, safe to say he had the best session

Playing around a bit on the step up was fun. The nice thing about biking with friends is the push and pull to make everybody better. We all are constantly pushing each other and bringing each other up to get better and improve our mountain biking, which makes for a fun environment. I didn't hit the step up for the photo shoot out of fear of snapping my new chain and getting pinned by my pedals again.

The new chain is making life much better too. I also went biking at Perry Hill on Friday, May 22, and it was super smooth for shifting going up to Joe's and on the way down on S'mores and Disneyland. No photos or full post from that day as I decided to just go bike instead.

More BIG updates coming really soon. Change of scenery is in the works...stay tuned!

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