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American Snow Science - A.S.S.

Yeah, that's right. Our acronym is A.S.S.

Here at American Snow Science we strive to study snow. Our creator, Woody Hust, decided that we need some more fun in all the seriousness that is the current snow sports industry we all are a part of today, so he created A.S.S.

For real though, we do want to help you understand snow so you don't get caught in an avalanche or miss out on a baller powder day. We will go from everything from snowpack reports, our thoughts on how to decipher a good and bad snowpack, and we'll help you figure out how reliable NOAA and the Weather Channel forecasts really are so you don't miss out on that epic powder day. We're not here to bash these guys, predicting weather is hard, and so is picking the right Powerball numbers. You might get it right once, but the likelihood of that is pretty damn low. When you do get it right, well, it's the best day ever.

Woody is currently based out of the Flathead Valley in Montana. Rob is currently based out of the Green Mountains of Vermont. One of us has serious avalanche risks to take into account, one of us does not. I don't think I need to give a geography/geology lesson on that one.

We'll do what we can to keep this updated, but it's likely that we're going to be out doing cool stuff away from WiFi more often than not so don't hold your breath.

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