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Acrylic Puzzles?

You trying to Get Puzzled?

What is an acrylic puzzle? Well, let me tell you. It is a...puzzle. Hang on, it gets better. It's made out of...acrylic.

So, my friend Will called me with an idea in August/September time frame with an idea to make puzzles. I thought is was a crazy idea, just crazy enough to actually try, so here we are. Making puzzles. I never would have thought we would be trying to build a puzzle business, but I must say that it is quite fun and extremely chaotic. Right now, I'm not even in the eye of the storm, some 2000+ miles separate me from Will in the manufacturing facility in Montana's Flathead Valley. The actual manufacturing, design, packaging, logistics, and sales are not as easy as one would think.

On the other hand, these are really cool puzzles. You can customize your puzzle, have custom puzzle pieces in all sorts of shapes, and use your own photo.

Take a look here:

Contact me with any questions or if you want more info.



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