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2020 Round-Up

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

As we roll into the final days of 2020 and look forward into 2021, I figured it'd be a good time to go through some of the photos I've taken over the past year and put a post out there for my favorites. We're not done with 2020, so this list may change in the last few days of the year, but this is where I stand as of right now.

Here are 10 of my favorites, in no particular order, with little detail from behind the lens.

Storm skiing in Stevens Pass in January, my pre-move introduction to true PNW skiing.

Made a friend the next day while ski touring on the Skyline Lake Trail. These little birds are all over the place in Stevens Pass and they have no fear of humans.

This is one of my top three shots, taken while a passenger in a moving vehicle on Mount Hood Highway...all those days spent with UVM Sailing on the coach boat are paying off.

Focused shot while on the move? No problem.

First visit out to the Olympic Peninsula with some friends for fly fishing. Incredible first experience. I had arrived in the darkness due to work and not being able to catch a ferry, and we stayed up late (for my standards). I woke up three minutes before sunrise and, not knowing where to go, took a guess and ended up here. A super low tide exposed these oyster beds and, combined with a clean and clear sunrise, made for some an amazing photo op with that yellow-orange haze of the early morning light.

Inspired by Andy Best, a professional photographer, I tried to capture the gradient of color the mountains create during sunset. Foreground being darker, slowly fading to lighter layers of blue and purple. Need to mention that if it wasn't for Will saying "let's hike the mountain right now" about two hours before sunset, this wouldn't have happened. It's not the best photo, but my first in trying to capture that gradient of color. Taken mid-move on a mini vacation in Whitefish, Montana.

An old petrified tree on Mount Hood. The grain of the wood, curving and cracking around the knots, chipping away in some areas, was something I first saw in Drawn From Here. This focus on the intricate facets of wood, or anything for that matter, can lead to new perspective, new connections, and a thus a different understanding of concepts we all "know". Ideas born from that single grain of thought can lead to change on a global scale.

After seeing Mount Rainier the day before from the I-90 bridge and having a minor "HOLY S#&@" moment, I knew I needed to find a spot for sunrise. Taken on Monday, July 20th, ~5:45 AM. Stitched together three photos from the Canon to make this happen. I'm not much of a fan for photos with industry or human influence, but this is definitely one of my top three shots of the year.

Shot taken the same day from the same location as above, just getting in on that 300mm of zoom. Alpenglow on the 14,000ft peak of Mount Rainier hits differently.

Gobbler's Knob in Mount Rainier National Park provides views that make it feel like Rainier is in your lap - however on my first hike there, this is what it looked like. Even though it wasn't what I anticipated, I really enjoyed watching this cloud roll in and out, it felt like was like playing peekaboo with Mount Rainier. I went back a few weeks later and had the most clear day possible, but this day and this photo still stood out to me. A sense of mystery still remained after this visit that kept me wanting more.

Before this hike to Park Butte, I hadn't really seen Mount Baker it all it's glory. There always seemed to be this haze around the mountain that would obscure the view on clear days. This day was different, the peak of Baker was buffeted by wind the whole time we were there, with that one persistent cloud serving almost like a hat atop the glacier covered volcano. Summiting Baker is certainly a thought that has crossed my mind.

And now 5 honorable mentions, more so dedicated to my friends and some doggos that keep me going (and let me take photos of them sometimes).

Fishing for trout on the fly; Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River.

Pow day in Montana. It doesn't look deep, but it was a perfect mix of light and dense snow.

Same day in Montana, it really didn't suck.

Merlin was a little unsure about being a model.

Maisie with the side eye shade for the paparazzi.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this round up. Lots of photos were left out, I could have easily had another 10 in here. I linked the blog posts along the way, either from the same adventure or one close to it, so if you want to read some more, take a peek there.

Some of these photos are available as prints in the shop. If you like something you see that's not in the shop, or prices in the shop are scary, contact me and we can work something out. I'm really not here to make millions, I do this because I enjoy it and I like sharing my photos with people who like looking at them.

Stay Safe, Cheers, and Happy Holidays,


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